ESIA Unity

ESIA Unity is the power and reliability of a pocket-format monitoring server accessible to all. With this tool, opt for global supervision which centralises all your customers' networks in one sole interface. ESIA Unity is a solution that is quick and easy to install. The global cover offered by ESIA Unity enables reliable and objective diagnoses to be implemented at any time.

How does ESIA Unity work?

  • Connect ESIA Unity to each of your customers
  • Add your customers to your own ESIA Unity interface
  • Monitor all your customers in a unified manner




The advantages of adopting ESIA Unity :


Centralisation :

ESIA Unity centralises all your customers and their infrastructure in one sole and unique interface. You benefit from a global vision of each of your customers' networks. Your management is simplified and allows you to optimise your schedule of interventions.

Your customers benefit from a global vision of their infrastructure allowing them to supervise all their equipment and applications in one sole interface. ESIA Unity allows them to act in a preventive way to any breakdowns and ensure the continuity of the company's services!



Simplicity :

ESIA Unity is a Plug & Play tool that is easy to install (operational in 25 minutes). When the ESIA Unity server is connected to a network for the first time, it automatically discovers all the devices present and offers the opportunity to integrate them with one click in the application.

The ESIA Unity interface has been designed in an extremely simple and intuitive manner. This allows the tool to be put into operation very quickly.



Performance :

ESIA Unity miniaturises a supervision server equivalent to that which can be found in the networks of major companies. With more than 3,000 built-in plug-ins, you are able to supervise a large number of equipment and parameters. The data collected is provided in detail from the minute to the year (and even more if necessary!).

ESIA Unity is independent of any manufacturer. This means that the solution is designed to be compatible with a maximum of devices and protocols. Thus, you are free to equip yourself according to your wishes!



Reliability :

The ESIA Unity monitoring server is physically present on your customers' infrastructure. In Therefore, it is independent from monitored devices, unlike solutions that use heavy agents. This independence ensures that monitoring remains effective and reliable, even when the devices supervised encounter problems.




Security :

ESIA Unity is more secure than a traditional cloud solution that uses heavy agents.   Indeed, the fact of using an internal physical server means that it is possible to avoid each device supervised being connected directly to the cloud, something which creates as many potential flaws as there are supervised devices.

Also, Unity technology uses standard protocols managed natively by most operating systems and connected devices. Therefore, there is nothing to install, meaning that security is reinforced!



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