ESIA Infinity

ESIA Enterprise is the monitoring server that adapts perfectly to your company. The customisation options offered by ESIA Enterprise allows your entire infrastructure to be monitored, from hardware installations to software, as well as your company's specific equipment. Monitoring the tools essential to your core business is what it does!

ESIA Enterprise is a powerful and robust tool but is also very easy to use! ESIA transfers the necessary competences to you so that you have control over your monitoring solution, but is also by your side whenever you need help.


The advantages of ESIA Enterprise :


Robust and powerful monitoring :

ESIA Enterprise enables extremely effective monitoring. With it, you are able to cover your entire infrastructure, regardless of its size or the number of remote sites.

More than 3,000 plug-ins are available when the solution is launched in your company. Thus, you have access to detailed monitoring as soon as you start using it.


Customizable for global coverage :

ESIA Enterprise adapts to your needs in order to cover your entire infrastructure. It can monitor hardware, application software and business procedures. Also, it is able to integrate specific material (IoT) in your company into its monitoring.

ESIA also provides you with consultants who are experts in monitoring and able to assist you so that you can customise the solution according to your wishes.


ESIA supports you !

ESIA wants you to be as independent as possible. That is why the company organises training courses to ensure that you possess all the tools and competences needed to get the most out of our solution.

Although ESIA Enterprise allows you to manage all monitoring on your own, ESIA remains your partner and places a team of consultants at your disposal. These will be able to support you for the deployment of the solution, specific development requests, modification of the solution, etc.


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